Photo of maynnaise on chips (left) and low fat mayonnaise (right)



  • In-line measurement of emulsion rheology
  • Flow visualization and velocity profile measurements
  • In-line determination of yield stress
  • Improve texture/consistency of commercial products
  • Define technical specifications for R&I
  • In-line quality control

Taste and texture/consistency of the processed emulsions are the most important quality factors for consumers. If it doesn’t taste and feel right, the quality is not assumed to be good. An important way to predict these properties is to perform viscosity measurements on the fluids (e.g. mayonnaise) during production. Measurements of these complex flows cannot currently be performed in-line and in real-time.

The in-line instrument was successfully used to measure complete velocity profiles and rheological properties of mayonnaise and results were available in continuously and in real-time. The system can detect minor changes in fluid velocity profiles and therefore rheological changes of fluids. The system offers high spatial resolution (unique point velocity measurement every 30 micrometres along pipe diameter) and accurate fluid characterization. As a result, it was possible to determine the yield stress parameter directly in-line from the measured data. The data can then be used to define the technical specifications for R&I for example. Industrial versions of the in-line rheometery system are now available for installation in a pilot plant environment or production line that can be used for in-line quality control.

Measured spectra of a commercial mayonnaise


Our ILR instrument was used to measure velocity profiles, yield stress and viscosity of various low- and high-fat mayonnaise products under realistic processing conditons in a pilot plant environment.




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